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Multishop not possible - 2 e-shops


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I have spent all afternoon setting up and activating multishop on our development webshop. We have been working for 7 month with this and now we wanted to add another shop with the exact same features, stock, products etc but with a different domain.

Anyhow Prestashop did its work fine but as always the modules did NOT. DOnt even wanna start but lets just keep it short by saying that we have alot of modules and 95% did not support multishop or did not support different languages.


So just to get rid of all the hustle we just said hey.. Multishop is not gonna work for us, so lets just make a copy of the ready webshop when its ready and upload the copy to  the new domain on a different server, The only problem then is the Stockmanagement. Instead of atleast 50 different problems with modules not developed "correctly" and some of them would take weeks to fix.


So my question is simply: Is there any solution to work with 2 different shops on 2 different DB´s but one stockmanagement. if u get what i mean.

Some kind of "bridge/cron something something"... 
meaning if someone buys from shop one the stock also gets decreased on shop2 within reasonable time.  Preferably within a minute but ones daily could work also.

and again we really REALLY tried the multishop and feel very sad this didnt work. 

Thnx and have a great day.

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