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Ebay module doesn't show anything

Di.Gi.T. Service

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Hello everybody,

I'm actually trying to merge the shop with ebay through official Ebay module. The problem is that anything is shown inside the module, nor categories and products. When I open configuration page of the module, it says: "You are currently connected to the Prestashop Back Office using a different URL than set up, this module will not work properly. Please log in using this url.", that's because the shop is under a subdirectory of the domain: http://www.digitserv...97.it/ecommerce instead of: http://www.digitservice1997.it/.


I'm just a web developer that's maintaining this shop and I don't know why, who made the website, did this. Could it be the problem causing ebay module to don't show anything?


I don't know prestashop at all, I'm learning these weeks.


Already thanks for future answers and help.


P.S. Screenshot attached. post-1385289-0-03827700-1490957376_thumb.png

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