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Hi bros and sisters,

I'm trying to make a link "mail us cart" on the order.php. It should bring the user to a new page "mailcart.php" with a summary of the cart, a commentary field, and a submit button.

I don't like the 3 fast checkout modules as they complicate things and aren't much different from registering.

My site would still allow users to register and checkout, but by also providing an easy way to establish first contact I'll loose less potential clients. I know this is not suitable for all webshops. But I feel a lot of us don't have many sales and don't mind interacting a bit more with customers.

Now, the problem is I don't know php. So has this page been made yet ? If not, I'll learn php, but any info and pointers will be much appreciated.

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Hi everybody !

I join this topic because I am very interested in such a feature.

I am currently looking for it because my customer wants to sell a service named "order validation". This is because our products are rather technical and if a component is missing in the order, the whole installation is compromised.

I also think that, on another hand, this could be the base for a serious "quotation-request" functionnality or module.

Idea : Prestashop can process and mail a pdf-invoice : could Prestashop process and mail some pdf-cart or pdf-order ?
Idea : Php buttons code "send this current page" could be explored.
Idea : The "tell a friend" or "share or show to your friends" scripts could be investigated too...

Lets keep us informed on our respective progresses !

Any help, suggestion or contribution are welcome !
Thank you very much.


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I like all your ideas a lot too. Especially the quotation-request. Allthough I personnally don't need these functionalities.

I propose to keep it simple at first: emailing the cart.

I have installed the productrequest.zip from http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/59055/general_discussion/contact_form_mod as a basis.

I was also able to clean up the order.php so that it only displayed the cart.

But I can't get the cart info into the mail.

Which variables to use in mail.html and mail.txt ?

I learned some php and smarty, but I have very little free time to play with this.

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