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VAT and discounts


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I'm having problems that my shops doesn't include VAT in the Discounts.


See example below. The customer ordered an article with a cost of 125 SEK and a freight cost of 89 SEK. Both lines including 25% VAT.

I gave this customer free freight since he picked up the goods himself. Discount code bjomat1 with a deduction of 89 SEK.

Left for the the customer to pay, 125 SEK.


But the VAT is still calculated on 125+89 SEK x 25% = 42,8 SEK.




I checked with the Payment company and this is the code they get from my shops (another purchase though):


"orderItemList.orderItem(0).description": "FM Bacto Reef Balls 100 ml",
"orderItemList.orderItem(0).unitPrice": "112.0000",
"orderItemList.orderItem(0).quantity": "1.00",
"orderItemList.orderItem(0).taxPercentage": "0.250000",
"orderItemList.orderItem(0).sku": "2388",
"orderItemList.orderItem(1).description": "Fri frakt",
"orderItemList.orderItem(1).unitPrice": "-89.0000",
"orderItemList.orderItem(1).quantity": "1.00",
"orderItemList.orderItem(1).taxPercentage": "0.000000",
"orderItemList.orderItem(1).sku": "Rabatt",

"orderItemList.orderItem(2).description": "DHL",
"orderItemList.orderItem(2).unitPrice": "71.2000",
"orderItemList.orderItem(2).quantity": "1.00",
"orderItemList.orderItem(2).taxPercentage": "0.250000",
"orderItemList.orderItem(2).sku": "9998",


Where/how can I change so that the discounts deducts VAT as well?


Best regards



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