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SOS Layered Navigation does not show products from subcategories


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I have a problem with layered navigation. It does not show products in parent categories even if there are products in child categories.


I have even deleted the layered navigation module and installed again but nothing. The filters on the left look that they work fine but no products are shown in parent categories.


The option "Show products from subcategories" is enabled and also the "Category filter depth (0 for no limits, 1 by default)" is set to 0


Any suggestions are welcomed.



Thank you in advance

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Ciao, anche io ho questo problema. La configurazione è come da manuale - ho provato anche a rifarla ed è identica ad altri siti che invece funzionano. Ma non vedo i prodotti delle sottocategorie nella categoria genitore nonostante nel modulo block layered sia indicato il contrario. Qualche idea? 

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