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[SOLVED] Change Back-office products field type


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I want to change the type of ean13 field to alloxw chars in it.


I've updated the table structure, the field itself to allow more than 13 INT but when I put chars in it, it says it's not valid.


How do I change/remove the control on the datatype of the field at save event AND in the import function for CSV upload ? 


Thanks !

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This cannot be done only by changing Table Structure. You have to change the Validation criterial of "EAN-13" input field. By default, Prestashop validates all mandatory field before saving them into database through "Validate" class which can be found at the path given below -



To allow characters or any other required string, you have make changes in the function definition given below -


public static function isEan13($ean13)
        return !$ean13 || preg_match('/^[0-9]{0,13}$/', $ean13);

As of now, it only allows digits of length 0 to 13. You can simply remove this condition of regular expression to allow characters.

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I've manage to change the control that has prestashop over the field to enable chars input :


For the ean13, as exemple, in /classes/order/OrderDetail.php I've changed isEan13 with isGenericName in the definition array.

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