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Prestashop har släppts. Stabil version


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Ändringar i version - stabil version

Fixed bugs:

BO: Modification permission on Theme Page and option
BO: Fix error when creating a zero value in the attribute size
BO: Fix bug while filtering Credit Slip
BO: Fix doubled quantity when ordering a customizable product
BO: Callback on HelperList should have highest priority
BO: Avoid overwriting $token in global Smarty context.

FO: Product reference is now available in blockbestsellers module
FO: Fix ecotax rounded twice
FO: Bugfix JS with advancedEuCompliance
FO: Fix product without combination hashchange

CO: Deflate .svg files
CO: Webservices now show PS validation errors
CO: Update Israel VAT to 17%
CO: Fix bag with Cart::getPackageSthippingCost cache id
CO: Fix send to multiple addresses with different names
CO: Add missing option to bcc multiple addresses in Mail::send()
CO: Use shop email as sender for template order_customer_comment
CO: Fix 7.1 compatibility
CO: Update Doc import files




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