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How to put image into invoice pdf? PS


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Hello iam losing my mind already. Cannot realize how pdf is generated. Iam trying to put image of stamp for my client into invoice but cant achieve that however i do. 


I found that i need to edit invoice.tpl in pdf folder. 

I put following code into the file : <img src="www.websi.te/themes/warehouse/pdf/invoice_stamp.png" style="width:100px;margin-top:150px;padding-top:150px;"/>


It worked for few hours but not its giving error: TCPDF ERROR: [image] Unable to get image: /nfsmnt/hosting1_1/0/0/00ab6b9b-6f51-49f5-816f-434ccbced721/websi.te/web/cache/tcpdf/img_en5E0A


Can anyone navigate me what to do to achieve my goal?





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