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What do you think about my store

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There are numerous issues with the use of English language -- how important that really depends on your target market but personally I'd find someone online who would be willing to edit the writing to have it be in better English.

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Your shop does not really look well to me. Not at all, to be honest.


1. The choosen slider is way to large. On my 14" notebook, I don't even see 50% of the sliders height.

2. Slider images are overlayed by partially unreadable text.

3. Category images right next to the slider and also below appear badly formatted and with no next.

4. Start page images are random in their sizes.

5. Category images are overlayed by unreadable text.

    With default setup, category images should be with dark background since text overlay is white.

    If you don't have such images, make them yourself or just delete all category images.

6. Text in the reinsurancer block is way to long.


There are just some hints for improvement. Ask again if you have fixed them as a first step.

Edited by Scully (see edit history)

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Your store need design improvements.

The logo image not fully visible. "Supply" word from "Fortuna Restaurant Supply" 

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