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Can't believe such a simple and useful module does not Exist! "On sale products First"

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I was looking for a module that can list on sale products first in category. And I can not believe nobody built such a useful module and probably highly required. Everyone wants to highlight and  advertise the "on sale" products and the best way is to do this in categories. Especially when you have more than 20 categories and more than 5000 products. I know there is a module that diplay blocks of "on sale" products on home-page or footer and so one. But what if you have more than 3000 on sale products. How will you diplay them? Usually customers acces a category (from google, or directly on the website)..and that is the most important place where you need to highlight a product.



Is there any module that can place the "on sale" products first in category? or at least a module that let me manually place some products on top of my current sorting setting? My default sorting is by "date" -descending. I list new added products first. I also would like to keep that enabled and just to put on top of that the on-sale products. This is why I can not use the default "sort by position in category" prestashop sorting feature.


If someone can help me with a custom code I can also pay.

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I just build a very simple module based on your request.

Fill free to ask for it





Thanks for the reply. But unfortuately we don't need a new block there duplicating the products that are already sorted. I would like to be part of the current sorting process. Just to be listed first, not on other block above the current listing. Is it possible to modify it to meet our needs? Again, I can pay for custom modification.

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