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(SOLVED) How to remove price from feed

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I'm using wordpress as the main site. I have prestashop installed in a subfolder. My PS is not a shop, it's only a products catalog, i set all products price to $0 because I don't want to display the price.

It's currently looking like this :
Ipod - $0
Imac - $0
Ipad - $0

I'm displaying the the products using wordpress rss widget.
My question is : How do I remove the price from PS rss feed?

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Change line 41 of modules/feeder/rss.php (in PrestaShop v1.3.1) from:

echo "\t\t\t<title><![CDATA[".$product['name']." - ".html_entity_decode(Tools::displayPrice(Product::getPriceStatic($product['id_product']), $currency), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8')." ]]></title>\n";


echo "\t\t\t<title><![CDATA[".$product['name']/*." - ".html_entity_decode(Tools::displayPrice(Product::getPriceStatic($product['id_product']), $currency), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8')*/." ]]></title>\n";

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I have the same question, but I am using prestashop as a catalogue and dont want it to display the prices but my clients can send me an order for the requested products, and afterwards I will contact them for the prices. My question is how do I remove the "$0" from next to the products without affecting my "add to cart"?

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