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How to Hide Volume Discounts table in product description?


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I need to remove the volume discounts table in the product description while keeping the price changing feature as the customer selects [+] for more quantity. 


I've tried both commenting out the feature in the tpl, which removed it, but also killed the price changing feature, 

and I tried the CSS code someone suggested in this post, but that did nothing at all.  Even after forced recompile.


I'm using PS  Any ideas?


Thanks! :)




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I don't want the discounts gone, I want the big stupid table showing VOLUME DISCOUNTS gone.  I need the discounts themselves to remain. 


See here: http://azhouseofgraphics.com/home/172-custom-bumper-sticker.html?search_query=custom&results=16


The discounts need to stay, so the customer pays less per sticker, the more they order. As you click [+] button, the price goes lower, which I like. 


I just want that big table gone, showing volume discounts. I think it's confusing, because it shows discount and how much you save, rather than what you pay.

And it pushes the description way too low on the page. 

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