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Load a specific theme / folder for mobile devices - Prestashop 1.6


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We have a Prestashop 1.6 with a responsive template (nothing special here). Let's say it´s in the folder:
Now, we are creating a simple mobile APP (native iOS + Android) that will have one of the buttons will be "Online shop". Our idea is that that button should open (Internally, with the browser and invisible to the customer) Prestashop with a different, super light weight theme:
I think Prestashop had a similar functionality in the PS1.4 version. I guess this should depend on the "user agent" (android , iOs) and not on the screen size. So... mobile app should only load "/mobile/" theme and specific modules. What do you think is the most efficient way?
  1. Maybe trough .htaccess?
  2. Creating a Prestashop override that sets the theme on first load?
  3. Any example code?

Thanks in advance,  :)

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