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Friendly URL not fully working


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Yes, this is one of those URL-topics.

For some reasons link rewrite doesn't really work on my shop. Or lets say it works 50:50.

So it's totally fine with products and categories, and I guess modules - but not for anything else like:

- sitemap

- cart

- contact

- cms pages


I was told that the server is running fine and mod_rewrite is enabled. Also I tried nearly every combination of options that the backoffice has to offer (disable MultiViews etc.).


Right now, as an example, when I select a CMS page through the backoffice and click on "preview", it redirects the "page not found" page.


I also deleted the .htaccess file, so it gets regenerated after saving the new settings.



Version is




Can anyone help?

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Hmm, I guess, I solved it.


A while I changed the URL-Scheme. For example I removed "content/" from the path, so it looks better. 

Long story shot: It didn't work.

So I changed it back et voila - now it's fine again.

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