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Empty CMS page in Back & Front Office Multi-shop Prestashop


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I have recently update my shop http://biophoretics.com  from  PS to PS

Then created Multi shop with following links http://ion-exchangeresin.com/  and http://biophoretics.com.mx Once I created the multi-shop everything seems to be working fine except CMS page in front and back end are empty for main shop its fine but in back office pages are listed there but empty no data .

I feels like there are seems like some fields missing in database as I tried to ad data to one page and it gave me an error

Can I use this tutorial ?  https://www.templatemonster.com/help/prestashop-1-6-x-troubleshooter-changes-are-not-saved-in-cms-pages.html#gref  


as it is multi shop will it help 

One last thing main store its all fine but other shops it has the issue

Also I noticed that ps_cms_lang have multiple pages option the  one with main shop is populated for example privacy policy but other with other shop are empty also Id shop on all is same which is 1 so what can be the issue.


Please see image I think its Id lang which cauing issue it should be 1 for all also shop is are repeated on all shop as well



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