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Problem with Bankwire translation (maybe a bug?)


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I have a problem with a translation in prestashop with Bankwire.


In Internationals -> translations -> other translations -> 109

In the translation of the phrase: "Goods will be reserved %s days for you and we'll process the order immediately after receiving the payment." I can write whatever but always displays the phrase in English.


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Did you tried to clear cache? I noticed same "cache" problem on product page, where delivery time tag is placed (shows only first loaded language, because it's cached for faster loading).


Kind regards!

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Is works for me when using %s somewhere in the translation. Without %s I can write whatever I want, in that case PS shows the default text.


A functioning workaround - while not the best solution  :unsure:  - is to use this somewhere in the translation:

<span style="display: none;">%s</span>

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