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Specific prices of product combinations are not changing


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lets say we set 3 specif. prices for one product combination:
1piece ---100€

In this case, adding 10pcs to cart really adds 10pcs and price in the cart is ok, although:
1/ the price shown as a product price is not correct, when I reach first quantity condition (write to quantity form 5 and more pcs)


In my post on core developers cat., I thought I was doing something wrong, now I am sure it is a bug. Started task on forge.


My question is, have you experienced this? Only similar post I found is https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/540999-combination-specific-price-problem/ and he did not find anything.

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i found smthng interesting: now its working, although:


http://seamo.entwick.eu/cs/home/9-brzdny-odpor-400w.html (selected variant without switch + galvanized steel ip20)


a/ in CZK currency it works ok, although when changing desired amount product price shows "-" before price

b/ in EUR currency when changing desired amount it takes prices in CZK and shows it as EUR

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