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Prestashop volume discount + product zero price settings


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Hello, I think malfunction of these two are somehow related, although I would like to confirm it. 


I am setting new shop in here: http://seamo.entwick.eu/. Because every customer is gonna have different prices for product combinations, I set up ZERO PRICES for products and give prices through combinations only. Other reason is, when there is 0 price, Im gonna rewrite this 0 to "price to ask" or such. It is not possible to set up product price to anything, because there is no universal price level for all users.


So, in the catalog - product in "prices" tab there are set 3 price rules, for one specific combination.


This combination - from amount 1: price 800, from 11: price 600, from: 51: price 200. On product detail it is not showing all these volume discounts, there are even mistakes in the volume discount lines. See it in here (only switch to CZK currency): 





My question is: is it possible to approach it like this / is it bug / is there a bypass possible?


Thanks for reply. M

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UPDATE: I found out that volume discount lines on product combination detail are not displayed no matter what, if you add special price to this product combination. If you add the special price for all combinations, everything works fine. 


Zero price is not likely reason.


Any idea?

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