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Prestashop's Google Analytics module gives Error 500 in modules list page on 3 different Prestashop


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Since mid-February, the Google Analytics module (not the API one, the other) gives an error 500 in the module list page. I've done nothing special, no update of Prestashop, no update of the module since 2015, only updates of other modules.


If i remove the folder of the module with FTP, the page loads again. If i put it back, error 500 after 1 or 2 minutes…


I've got 3 Prestashop websites on the same server, not sharing the core, and on the 3 the problem is the same (WTF ?).


Since today, an other module is doing the same, this one : litextension.com/prestashop-migration-tool/woocommerce-to-prestashop.html

Why ? I don't know… It just happens when i've tried one more time to put back the Google Analytics module.


I someone knows what happen, i will be greatly thankful.


Edit : I add the fact that the module is working fine, if i go to his options page manually (…index.php?controller=AdminModules&configure=ganalytics ) it loads without a problem. I can change options, etc… But the module page list is impossible to load.

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