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Tax-detail wrong on invoice


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We're using PrestaShop v1.6.1.11 and our accountant noticed an error with the Tax-detail calculation on the invoices.

I created a screenshot with the problem and what the result should be.


Could this be due to a misconfiguration or is there an issue with PrestaShop's tax calculation?
I guess the former since i can't find any related issues, but then i wonder where the problem could be...


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Since 11u30 i'm trying to trace down the problem in the code and i think i finally found it.

In classes/order/Order.php

        foreach ($this->getCartRules() as $order_cart_rule) {
            if ($order_cart_rule['free_shipping'] && $free_shipping_tax === 0) {
                $free_shipping_tax = $this->total_shipping_tax_incl - $this->total_shipping_tax_excl;
                $order_discount_tax_excl -= $this->total_shipping_tax_excl;
                $expected_total_base += $this->total_shipping_tax_excl;

            $cart_rule = new CartRule($order_cart_rule['id_cart_rule']);
            if ($cart_rule->reduction_product > 0) {
                if (empty($product_specific_discounts[$cart_rule->reduction_product])) {
                    $product_specific_discounts[$cart_rule->reduction_product] = 0;

                $product_specific_discounts[$cart_rule->reduction_product] += $order_cart_rule['value_tax_excl'];
                $order_discount_tax_excl -= $order_cart_rule['value_tax_excl'];

On the 2nd line the condition $order_cart_rule['free_shipping'] always seems to be "0". Even if this cart rule actually is free shipping this is still "0" and that's why the rest of the tax calculation is wrong.


If i look in Price Rules > Cart Rules > Edit (ID: 32) > Tab Actions there the Free shipping is set to YES.
However in the database in ps_order_cart_rule at id_cart_rule: 32 the `free_shipping` is "0".

Seems to be a bug after all.

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