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i need a payzone payment module

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Hi all.

it was asked a little while ago, and no one seemed to know of one.

i need a payment module to integrate payzone into my shop (1.6.11) and was wondering if anyone else uses payzone as their card processor, and if so, how they have gone about it.

i am competent with html, css, php, etc to the level of doing templates and themes and minor de bugging, but nothing like the level required to produce a payment module.

payzone have a integration pack that has loads of code modules in it for various programming languages, and methods of accessing the payment gateway, but not a module that i can install in prestashop. its more of an example set of code and code library for developers than a drop in module.


if anyone can help with finding a ready made working module, someone that has payzone working on a prestashop install, or suggest a developer experienced in making payment modules (that wont cost the earth) then i would appreciate it.


many thanks.

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Hi, did you manage to get this working?


I'm also looking for this, the sales guy told me that it will work with our website but didn't explain that it would only be an integration.


If you have this can you please let me know how much?


Thanks in advance

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They contacted me, but they never followed up with the Integration documents


if you have the Integration Guide or API specification, feel free to contact me on my website and I can review and provide an estimate for you

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hi there.


there were a couple of people that contacted me about this, but only one came up with a quote after the integration information was forwarded on.

as i was quoted around £650+vat (not a fixed price, just around) i decided to abandon payzone and just go with paypal here instead. the cost of getting it integrated (with no guarantees), cost of card terminal, monthly fees, etc for a saving of around 1% overall makes it too expensive for the volume that i will process, and take too long to get to the break even point.

unless you are going to process a large volume of card transactions with a high value i would go with paypal here instead. im very happy with it and have had no problems.


Bellini13, i did forward on the documents and info, if you didnt recieve them i can re send them if you want to look into it, but you will need to get a testing account from someone to verify that it all works. if you let me know where to send the info to, i will do so as soon as i can.

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