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Error with external links - Blocklayered filters


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All filters in blocklayered are working OK if you use them into the website (left filters) https://www.farmaten.com/es/dermo/


But if you get the generated link, for using it outside the website (external URLS from Facebook, or email, for example) the filter will not apply and will disappear. Only "subcategories" filter is working:


- Subcategory filter (OK) > https://www.farmaten.com/es/dermo/#/categorias-dermocosmetica

- Price filter by URL (not working) > https://www.farmaten.com/es/dermo/#/precio-1-20

- Manufacturer filter by URL (not working) > https://www.farmaten.com/es/dermo/#/marca-bayer


The same happens in other Prestashop 1.6 projects. Is this a bug? Is not this a major bug??

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