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Login / Session issues in both FO and BO

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Hi everyone,


First things first, I'm giving you some background. We install/manage tons of prestashop instances and lately we are facing similar troubles along some of them. We tried debug mode and none of them showed any errors or weird things.


First one of our shops started failing on BO login, it just won't let the admin log in, after sending the form it will reload the login page wihout an error message or anything just like if the credentials were wrong but without any message. For some time we could clear cache/cookies on chrome and login, after that period it got worse and we started to use incognito mode to successfully login. Then we had to move to firefox because it started to happen more and more often.


In this case after a successful login we can use the BO for a while, until the session breaks and the trouble begins, again we are unable to login even in that incognito window so we are forced to close the window and open a new incognito one.



For some time this was the only trouble we were facing, but since last week several shops are being affected but some sort of this, some shops will allow the admin to navigate to a product but then the update won't apply any changes, others won't login in FO or BO under the aforementioned circumstances (i.e. while not in a fresh incognito window).


We think everything points to some session issue but we can't find a fix for any of these.


The weird thing is we have a copy of the first shop in our staging server (which is probably a ~100% clone configuration-wise from production) which behaves perfectly fine.



We tried with multiple cache settings from prestashop, forcing no cache headers from nginx (the only difference I found between staging and prod is cache headers so we changed our prod config to match staging), etc



Any tip or fix is appreciated, we find ourselves kind of stuck with this issue.



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I also encountered such situation on ps It is very uncomfortable. Just go to the order page and redirect to the login page. I have checked the cache and related cookies but have not solved the problem. Looking for admin support

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Hi there,


We couldn't completely solve this although we managed to minimize it's impact. I'm sharing the actions we took in case anyone finds it useful:

- Update prestashop, in fact keep up to date everything (modules, etc)

- Disable cache, we faced lots of troubles in all kind of shops due to bad cache policies in the core or 3rd party modules, usually cache causes us more harm than good. Furthermore if you are not using a serious cache backend you won't get much of a performance boost.

- Cache headers from nginx, fine tune these, or try disabling just for testing and verification purposes.



Try the following and discard:

- Update everything

- Turn any cache layer (web server, application or module specific) off

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