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Problem with the configuration of ebay module on prestahop


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Good morning to all, i'm texting cause i got 2 problems while trying to set up ebay module on prestashop.


1) Regarding the "object features" tab, it is shown an error cause probably i didn't well associated all the object features with the prestashop features.

- Furthermore in one of my categories it is not selectable any voice in both object and prestahop features, so i can't even chose something for the association.

Can someone show me how to correctly configure this section ? And may be the error related to the missing voices of the category i was mentioning before ?


2) The other error is about "business policies" tab, cause i have created some business policies about "purchase" "shipping" and "refund" on ebay shop but they are not shown in the related tab on ebay module on prestahop. I have also clicked on the button "reload business policy" but they don't appear yet. 

Can someone help me with a solution ?


I'm really struggling with those things since days and i would appreciate any help


Best regards



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