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[v1.6.1.11] Bug in warehouse management stock removal


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I apologize if someone already posted this, i wasn't able to find the same bug i'm going to report.
Basically, when i look for a product into the Warehouse Management section, if i look at it searching by name and i try to remove the stock from the warehouse, i get an error saying the product has not been found.
Instead, if i look at it searching by reference with the same string (assuming to have a product with part of the name also in the reference code), i'm able to remove correctly the stock i want.
Not a big deal, but i should be able to remove the stock regardless if i search it by name or reference.
Anyone else with this bug?

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I've got exactly the same bug. I'm glad I found your post as I'm at least able to remove the stock I needed too now!

Glad to hear that, but i hope someone step in to try to fix it, because at the moment i have no idea how to do so.

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