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Adding new checkout step


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I am trying to add a new checkout step to my PrestaShop v1.7 where the user just has to enter a date. We are trying to implement a platform where users can rent party equipment so we need the event date.


Has somebody an idea what files I have to change? I found the Checkout[..]Step.php files in /classes/checkout but I'm sure there are more files which have to be changed.



Sam Douglas

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did you check controllers/front/OrderController.php

I have not tested it, but maybe this will help :

            ->addStep(new CheckoutPaymentStep(
                new PaymentOptionsFinder(),
                new ConditionsToApproveFinder(
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Hi, I want to relive this. I am developing a new step. I used the code above, but that's just the beginning. I was guided by the management processes and personal information.

- CheckoutAddressStep

- CheckoutPersonalInformationStep.

☻ My step is:




    ->addStep(new CheckoutComprobanteStep(


class CheckoutComprobanteStep extends AbstractCheckoutStep

    protected $template = 'checkout/_partials/steps/comprobante.tpl';
    private $comproForm;

    public function __construct(
        Context $context,
        TranslatorInterface $translator,
        ComprobanteForm $comproForm
    ) {
        parent::__construct($context, $translator);
        $this->comproForm = $comproForm;

    public function handleRequest(array $requestParameters = array())
        $this->step_is_reachable = true;

        if (isset($requestParameters['submitComprobante'])) {


            if ($this->comproForm->submit()) {
                $this->step_is_complete = true;
            } else {
                $this->step_is_complete = false;

                'Tipo Comprobante',




You have to create many more classes. As far as it goes, I insert my form of my voucher process into a table in the database. I still need to link the Voucher with the orders, with the cart or with the client, I still do not know. Answer to share code if someone already did it.

mi correo es:  [email protected]


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