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Show attribute on Product-List


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Hi!! I would like to show choosen features on product-list.tpl I want to show it on line 120 of product-list.tpl

For instance if free shiping or not with an image.

Here is part of product.tpl code that works on my web:

<td>{if $feature.id_feature==32}
{if $feature.value=='Free Shipping'}{html_image file='https://www.web.com/freeshipping.gif'}

I want to do something in product-list.tpl. I think I must load the product id to show feature.value with an image. I don't know how to do this...





Thank you so much!

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I've found this code: 

{if isset($product.features)}
    <div class="features">
            {foreach from=$product.features item=feature}
                    {$feature.name}: <span>{$feature.value}</span>

That works but I only want to show one value...

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