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SEO issue compared to HTML site


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Hi all, I have 2 very similar websites.

The 1st one is an HTML one and in French language only.

The 2nd is made with Prestashop, in French & English.


I notice that the HTML website pages that I add get referenced much quicker by Google and they are ranked much higher than the ones made with Prestashop. Lately I did create exactly the same pages, with the same Meta tittle & keywords, text and images, even if the HTML pages are brought online a week after the ones with PS, the HTML ones jumped above the ones made with PS in no time !


I checked everywhere on my PS website to see what I can improve, but reached a dead end now.

So any idea/help from your side would be more than  appreciated ! 

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Gtmetrix seo analysis website helps to find performance,speed and other important parameters to know difference between HTML static website and prestashop dynamic store.


HTML static website loads faster as campare to dynamic website, Once performance score of dynamic website improve then it helps in better ranking.

If possible share the urls of static html and dynamic prestashop store urls.


PrestaShop Tutorials Videos [How to do Tasks]


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