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Issues with Prestashop Google Shopping Module


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I have recently moved my website onto Prestashop and was hoping for a straight forward way to upload my products to Google Merchant Centre in order to list the products in Google shopping. Unfortunately, when I set up the feed to automatically pull from Prestashop, it has resulted in the feed being stuck at the processing stage.


Having been in contact with Google for over a week, they have now confirm that there is an issue (something experienced by other users as well) but it may take 6-8 weeks, possibly more to resolve the issue.


In the mean time, I have products in Google shopping but this is from an old feed from my previous shopping cart. Some prices have gone up on the new website so those products were excluded from Google shopping but I do need to put other prices up as well, without them all being excluded from the shopping feed.


Is it best to do an export of my product database and manually upload a CSV with all the information required? Or is there another alternative method? 



Many Thanks



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