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How to make category page titles different from menu?


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I'd like to change the Page Titles ("Name") of my product Category Pages to make them more descriptive for SEO.


BUT - I need to keep the menu bar names (otherwise the'd be too long).


Is there a way to make the Category Page Titles different to the name in the menu bar - eg: attached.




It's driving me crazy and can't find any threads for this - hoping someone can help  :unsure:

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you can utilize Meta Title field for this. You will need to modify your template, though


Just edit category listing template, and replace 




If you are using default template, it's line 72 in themes/default-bootstrap/category.tpl

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Good point. It should be possible to display the meta description indeed in the frondend. I have never thought about it before. As merchant, make sure that you provide relevant information in your meta data. I have seen so many websites that could rank better with a little push!

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