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Create a new account error..Mail is not valid


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Hi guys, 



i have this problem from 3days, and I have see all threads about it, but I don't find the solution and I don't understand why


I have Italian website, with one language and one money (EUR)


When I go into /login I can choose if create new account or login with email and password


If I create a new account, I have always this div

Mail is not valid



in the chrome, in tab network I have this one


{"hasError":true,"errors":["E-mail non valida."],"page":"<h1 class=... etc etc


What can I do?


Please help me, I don't know how can I do

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Hello this is common problem when someone modify the files with simple text editor. So, simply saying you probably saved some file or files with "UTF8 with BOM" encoding.

its necessary to find these files and save them again as UTF-8 without bom with editor like notepad++

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