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quantity synchronization issue


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i have a major problem with the synchronization between eBay and PrestaShop. I already contacted 202 about this problem but they couldn´t help me so far.


In the following i´ll try to explain the problem.

  1. I have a item listed on eBay. This Item has a quantity of 1. At this point the quantity is the same in PrestaShop as well as in eBay.
  2. In the next step a customer buys this single item off eBay. eBay now reduces the quantity to 0 and sets the item to "out of stock". Nothing wrong to this point.
  3. After the the item is sold I receive a email which sates that the remaining quantity is 0. Perfect ! Everything as it should.
  4. Now PrestaShop gets synchronized with eBay. The new Order is imported.
  5. eBay quantity is set back to 1 and the item comes available after the order synchronization
  6. Change order status or "save" item to trigger a new sync
  7. Item quanitity is set to 0 on ebay. Everything is fine now

The problem is that between step 5 and 6 another customer could buy the same item which is out of stock. (this happend before). That means I sold an item which i dont have due to a synchronization problem.


This does apply to any quantity. In the time between 5 and 6 the quantity is wrong by the amount of bought items.


Has anyone experienced a similar problem ? Does anybody know the problem ? Is there a solution ?


Any help is appreciated!







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