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Attribute type set to radio has no affect...


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When I set 'Attribute type' to radio button and add it as a combination with option to increase price, it shows in a box on the product page, and NOT as a radio button (see attachment).


PrestaShop version:

Theme: Classic
Is this a known issue and is there a fix for this behaviour?


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According to this bug report: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/BOOM-2391 their answer is it is a design choice, not a bug:


"This is the expected behaviour of the Classic Theme. It is a design choice to use such boxes.

If you want to have radio buttons, you'll have to use another Theme."



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I filed it as a bug because it isn't expected behaviour (definition of a bug). Radio buttons should appear as, well, radio buttons (see attachment from a custom theme).


If a theme developer wants to make the radio buttons appear as pill buttons or diamonds, etc, in order to make the theme stand out, then that should be their decision.


The design choice is a bad choice (not that there is anything to recommend the default template). It forces developers to change it.

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