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[FREE MODULE] Feature value with image

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Hey Everyone!
oa_features is module for assigning an image to the feature value
You can display icons instead of the features of your products so that each characteristic longer identifiable by your customers


  • Prestashop 1.7
  • Prestashop 1.6
  • Prestashop 1.5 (Product.tpl only)


  • displayHeader
  • displayProductListReviews only PS 1.7 and PS 1.6
  • displayRightColumnProduct
  • displayReassurance, only PS 1.7
  • displayProductPriceBlock:weight, only PS 1.7


  • actionAdminFeaturesControllerSaveAfter
  • actionFeatureValueDelete
  • displayFeatureValueForm

GitHub :  https://github.com/openagence/oa_features


PS 1.7



PS 1.6



Edited by Reda OULED (see edit history)
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Just one question about the module: I need the product value image to appear inside the product page, and as you can see here:




The product value image (the red rectangle with PEGI 18) is displayed correctly on the left of the short description, just where I want it to be, problem is anyway down in the suggested product, down the sugggested product pox is still viewed the product image, I don't know how to remove from there. If i exlude the product page in the hooks section, then the image disappear even on the top, left of the short description


How can I do?


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On 12/12/2018 at 2:44 PM, duckdodgers said:

Hi guys!

I'm having issues installing on Is it compatible or am I wasting my time.


Hi, I got it working in

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Thank you for this module, I love it!

It would be great to show images in product details. My theme uses tabs for all the product info and the images are not shown.

Thanks again,



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Hello and thank you for the module!!

It's Great!!!

I want to ask you if I can change the size of the image in the case of hookDisplayProductPriceBlock

first: In the product Page I want the images to have a size (for example) 60x60.

Second: in the product LIST page, in the same hook, I want them to have a smaller size!!!

In the first page, your module injects to the "product-prices" class, and in the second one in the "product-price-and-shipping" class!!!

I was wondering if I can change the code in hooks or if I can override this file exclusively(I mean the "product-listing.tpl" file) ! ! !

Thank you in advance,

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Thanks for the module @Reda OULED even if I won't use it for now: as other people said, it will be great to have the image linked to the feature block (e.g. displayed in product detail) or maybe having more hook (left column) as from your module we can get the feature name.

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