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Error saving product change


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Google Translate:


First of all I wanted to apologize for not being able to speak English.



I have a website that uses the version PrestaShop™


From time to time I have had problems when saving changes to products using google chrome


Using google chrome the changes in the products do not save, knowing this problem I'm using firefox.


I wonder if you have any way to fix this bug.


If someone can tell me or pass some link to help me I would be eternally grateful.


thank you so much

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Google Translate:
I made a copy of my website and did this update that you gave me.
I followed all the steps to do the update automatically and the following problems happened:

I put the store in maintenance to do the automatic update, after finishing the update the maintenance mode did not leave more.

Was this an incompatibility error due to automatic updating?

I know that even though I do not know about programming, can I do it manually?

I need help = /
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