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Avoid duplicate images in PS 1.6 when import CSV


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I am having issues with Prestashop 1.6 and I hope I could find some help in here.

Basically, I uploaded a csv with all the products and everything worked fine. After that I also uploaded another csv with the combinations that include the images related to the product colors and, again, no problems, it simply adds these images to the previously uploaded with the products.

The issue occurs when I update the combinations csv. It seems it duplicates the images from the previous csv. I tried to add a column "delete existing images" set to 1 (=yes) but the problem is that it also removes the product images!

Here's an example: https://mall.jacksbay.com/patrizio-racco/en/leggings/16080-32-inch-leggings.html

Does anyone have any idea?

Thanks in advance,


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