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eroare comenzi, prestashop


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Am o problema grava. Se poeteaza comanda noua, apara in backoffice, dar nu apar produsele din respecteviva comanda. Tabela ps_order_detail este goala.

s-a mai intalnit cineva cu problema asta?



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aceasta cred ca este de la wishlist, dar nu cred ca are legatura un lipsa insertului in ps_order_detail


Unknown column 'w.default' in 'field list'
SELECT w.`id_wishlist`, w.`name`, w.`token`, w.`date_add`, w.`date_upd`, w.`counter`, w.`default`
            FROM `ps_wishlist` w
            WHERE `id_customer` = 2
            AND id_shop = 1
            ORDER BY w.`name` ASC


Cealalta eroare:

at line 791 in file classes/db/Db.php

786. if ($webservice_call && $errno) {
787. $dbg = debug_backtrace();
788. WebserviceRequest::getInstance()->setError(500, '
 '.$this->getMsgError().'. From '.(isset($dbg[3]['class']) ? $dbg[3]['class'] : '').'->'.$dbg[3]['function'].'() Query was : '.$sql, 97);
789. } elseif (_PS_DEBUG_SQL_ && $errno && !defined('PS_INSTALLATION_IN_PROGRESS')) {
790. if ($sql) {
791. throw new PrestaShopDatabaseException($this->getMsgError().'<br /><br /><pre>'.$sql.'</pre>');
792. }
794. throw new PrestaShopDatabaseException($this->getMsgError());
795. }
796. }
Asta chiar nu o inteleg....
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