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Bug on Back Office in Products > Associations (Prestashop


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I don't know if it's the right place to talk about this bug, tell me if i need to post it on the issue tracker.


When I add an accessorie to a product with a pipe character "|" in the title, it can't be saved.

I think the problem comes from the format of the ajax return of the list of products from ajax_products_list.php , for example :

Product title 1|123

Product title 2 with pipe | and that can't be saved|456

Product title 3|789


I can add Product 123 and 789 to the accessories of a product, but the 456 can't be saved because it takes " and that can't be saved" as the product id.


I'm on Prestashop, i just checked the changelog of and it doesn't fix this point.


Thanks for your help !

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