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Error reported when making combinations in and


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So a quick background of my issues. 






host shared server GoDaddy


I am currently running v1.5.4.1 on my main domain and added a fresh install of v1.6.1.1 with the installatron on go daddy for the development site.  I am having issues with making combinations on both. v1.5 gives me the uploaded document below and 1.6 gives me a 500 server error. Same item on both versions. It seems as if I am hitting either a threshold within presta shop or a resource limit within my hosting service or their server. I have tried making a combination of  attributes each having values of a qty of 11,11,2,8,8, and 4 I do know that this is a large amount of combinations but I have yet to be successful with the values of attributes being 2,4,8,8, and only 3 of one of them having 11 which does not seem to be to extreme to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Go daddy swears to me that their end is good but can not provide a server log either. I just yesterday upgraded my resources and although when first intializing the combinations i use nearly all of my i/o resources I never exceed them.  I have also noticed that if I add one value for each attribute I am more successful than adding multiples at the same time without getting the error.




Thank you


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