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Some Issues with Cart class and MultiShipping


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    public function setNoMultishipping()
        $sql = 'UPDATE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'cart_product`
SET `id_address_delivery` = (
SELECT `id_address_delivery` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'cart`
WHERE `id_cart` = '.(int)$this->id.' AND `id_shop` = '.(int)$this->id_shop.'
WHERE `id_cart` = '.(int)$this->id.'
'.(Configuration::get('PS_ALLOW_MULTISHIPPING') ? ' AND `id_shop` = '.(int)$this->id_shop : '');
1/ I don't understand the relationship between MULTISHIPPING and MULTISHOP in the last statment.
2/ The Update should depend of the PS_ALLOW_MULTISHIPPING: if multishipping is allowed then id-adress-delivery have to be reset with the id-address-delivery of the cart but if not the id-adress-delivery of cart-product have to be reset to 0


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Cart Class


    public function updateAddressId($id_address, $id_address_new)
1/ This method change either address-delivery and/or address-invoice and I think it could have unexpected effets on those addresses. We would have better to have two methods one for delivery and the other for invoice
2/ The method updates address-delivery of cart-product without checking that we have PS_ALLOW_MULTISHIPPING.
3/ The method updates address-delivery of customization without checking this feature is activated as setNoMultishipping does.
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