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Passing tax data from PrestaShop to PayPal

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We have a shop in the US. We are required to charge tax on shipping charges and utilize the PayPal module for payment.

I have set up PrestaShop to charge tax on shipping and within PrestaShop everything appears to be fine. However, when the PrestaShop data is passed to PayPal, the tax amount on the Shipping is added to both the tax line and the shipping line in PayPal.




Sale : $50.00

Tax on Sale: $4.38

Shipping charge $4.99

Tax on Shipping: $0.44.


In PrestaShop, Shipping shows as $4.99 and Tax is $4.82.

In PayPal, Shipping shows as $5.43 and Tax is $4.82.


The tax on the shipping is added to both the tax line and the Shipping line in PayPal and the customer is over charged.


Does anyone know if there is a setting in PrestaShop that maps the data to PayPal that needs to be changed?


or is the problem at the PayPal end?


Other than picking a level of service in the PayPal module, there are no settings that I can change.


Thanks for any help you can offer.





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Unfortunately the module you are using (Paypal USA) has not been updated in over 2 years.  There are several issues with this module, and Prestashop fails to fix them.


I would suggest to stop using it, and locate a working and supported module.


With that said, you can review the fixes I submitted over a year ago to this module and attempt to apply them to your module






For all of the fixes that have been submitted and not applied, you can see them here


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