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Ganalytics offic. module - cookie problem


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presta 1.6


Hi, we just found our problem, after some time i have to admit.

The browsers itself can handle single cookies size of max. 4093 bytes. But this module stores cookie value "ga_cart" and store there serialized info about your cart. So, if your cart is big, prestashop starts to behave buggy, especially when custommer try to login or ajaxed one page cart. Custommers getting popups about parse errors and other not nice things. Bugs starts to appear because cookie limit per domain is exceeded and therefore cookies update about logged user and other doesnt work.


EDIT: This issue occurs only if public function hookFooter() in ganalytics module script is not executed for any reason


EDIT2: We found that source of this problem was more complicated. We had old version of Ganalytics module, at that time we also had one buggy Ovic Theme module, which was deleting hooks (lol), when any source (modules etc.) tried to register hook to DB, this buggy Ovic module simply immediately deleted that hook in couple lines of code later. Before we fixed this module, we updated ganalytics module, and when it tried to register hookFooter, it was deleted by that buggy module, so ganalytics hookFooter was never called and it never deleted its (big) cookie value. 



While on the subject, if you want to support most browsers, then do not exceed 50 cookies per domain, and 4093 bytes per domain. That is, the size of all cookies should not exceed 4093 bytes.

This means you can have 1 cookie of 4093 bytes, or 2 cookies of 2045 bytes, etc.

source: http://stackoverflow.com/a/4604212


problematic: ganalytics.php

$this->context->cookie->ga_cart = serialize($gacart);

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