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Tinymce werkt niet


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Ik heb prestashop net geupdate naar en sinds dan werkt tinymce niet meer


in de chrome console krijg ik de volgende error

Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined
    at tiny_mce.js:5
 * File used for compatibility purpose
 * @type {*|jQuery}
var path = $(location).attr('pathname');
var path_array = path.split('/');
path_array.splice((path_array.length - 2), 2);
var final_path = path_array.join('/');
window.tinyMCEPreInit = {};
window.tinyMCEPreInit.base = final_path+'/js/tiny_mce';
window.tinyMCEPreInit.suffix = '.min';

$('head').append($('<script>').attr('type', 'text/javascript').attr('src', final_path + '/js/tiny_mce/tinymce.min.js'));



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