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1.2.5 to 1.5.6 no order slip amount after upgrading


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I migrated my shop 1.2.5 to the going through the 1.3 then the


After many bugs found during my tests, I noticed that my old order slips have an amount = 0.000 €.


I looked in the table ps_order_slip and ps_order_slip_detail and i noticed that the fields "amount" and "shipping_cost_amount" have amounts = 0.00


I create a new order slip in one of my orders and I have the right values in the 2 fields and the amount in BO order is correct.


At first I thought there was a problem during migration so I re upgarde my shop one by one while watching the 2 tables ps_order_slip and ps_order_slip_detail but it is always = 0


Even trying to upgrading to the and the same.


I was wondering if i did a mistake during the upgrade or it's a bug.

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