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.htaccess deny from all doesn't work


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How to properly edit .htaccess for subdomain to make it allow connections only from specific ip addresses?


when I add:


Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from xx.xxx.xxx.xx
Allow from xx.xxx.xxx.xx
only part of website is blocked.
I have test site in:
and it reads part of code from production store which is on:
How do I make every resource loaded from www.mydomain.com be first redirected to sub.mydomain.com and then be checked for permissions?
I think I should add condition which redirects no matter what, www or nonwww http or https to https://sub.mydomain.com
This should also resolve problem with redirect chains. 
I will appreciate any reply. 
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Okay so I've managed to sort this out: 


My php interpreter was cgi and I needed to install FPM to make .htaccess rules actually work. 

After installing proper package and switching site to use FPM .htaccess deny allow works as intended.


Hope that helps anyone.

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