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Random oddities after upgrade

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We recently upgraded to and noticed a few things that are odd. Many of them we have figured out however 1 is really giving us a hard time. Prices!

If a person is NOT logged in and then browse any category or page that has listings they can see the price. When the click on a product from a list they can see the price in every category, but one. That price shows $0.00. If they elect to add the item to the cart the pricer is shown there. If they view the product on a list (click on category to see all products or if we display the product on the home page) the price is shown. Click ON the product to select options, no price at all. 

If a person is logged in they can see the prices no problem. 

This is ONLY affecting a single category. As a test I created a new category and moved a few of the items in however even moving them to the new category the issue follows. It makes me believe the issue has to do with all products that were in that specific category during the upgrade.

Any suggestions or help? We have lost a lot of money as this happened during the start of the Christmas season and it being Christmas Eve we are still having this issue.







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