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SSL and mixed content


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I managed to install the SSL certificate but have got some errors. On of the link in the footer of the page is insecure.



Insecure URL: http://www.4glte.eu/img/cms/payments.jpg

Found in: https://www.4glte.eu/gb/


I am struggling with finding this link in a file. Could anyone help?

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the error says that you have an insecure form on that page.  Perhaps it is a search or newsletter form, or something else that only appears on 4 category pages.  You'll need to review the html source for those pages, and look for a form whose action is using a none secure URL (http instead of https).


You should also fix your javascript errors

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The strange here is that all the category pages are using the exact same files which I've already check.


I've found something else that I don't understand.


The links in the category menu is generated as http and when you click on some of them it redirects to https.


Why it doesn't generate them as https in the beginning?


Thank you!

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