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Prestashop har släppts

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Vad är nytt och vad har åtgärdats?


Du kan läsa mer här:


Ändringar i version - stable

- Bug fix:
- #7169: Add Request to hook parameters
- #7151: Allow installed modules translation from translation page
- #7024: Fixed product permissions
- #7153: Update docs & compile
- #7143: Fixed image of module on Payment page
- #7091: Fix some of the functions on the product page (JS)
- #7090: Fix error when saving traslations (
- #7028: Removed module card on uninstall
- #7215: TinyMCE media plugin shouldn't be activated twice

- Front Office:
- Bug fix:
- #7130: Fix nav header menu icon on classic
- #7046: Fix classic css override of featuredproduct
- #7160: Fix sort by text display
- #7131: Fix bootstrap version
- #7077: Fix "too much recursion" error on ajax search
- #7078: Fix select filter & filter criteria by ajax

- Core:
- Improvement:
- #6984: Use the right languages name
- #7146: Updated README
- Bug fix:
- #7224: Removed finfo use for theme upload
- #7205: Fix warnings in translate.php
- #7200: Fix module install and blank screen after PS install
- #7197: Check in Symfony catalog for translations for native modules
- #7191: Shutdown addons client on error
- #7190: Escape translated strings to prevent XSS
- #7187: Fix already defines smarty function
- #7184: Fix inactive scope for request in HookManager
- #7173: Revert "BO: fixed other XSS issues on translation module page"
- #7165: Licences & assets
- #7156: Fix SmartyLazyLoader for multiple smarty instances
- #7087: Protect translations display against XSS injections
- #7129: Fix timeout option for guzzle config
- #7144: Use default catalog as a fallback
- #7119: Use PhpParser to check parse errors in modules
- #7134: Fix mails with invoices
- #7080: Add unit price to order confirmation mail (
- #7096: Use english email template as fallback in getEmailTemplateContent


Du kan ladda ner den här: DOWNLOAD NOW PrestaShop v1.7.0.3 Stable


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