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Error in PDF invoice in the VAT detail frame


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There is an error in the invoice PDF when a free product is given (see image).


Although the totals are corrert prestahop is not calculating it correctly in the BTW (=VAT)-detail table


First of all 

6% of 52,66 =  3,16 and not 2,75


21% of 10,05 = 2,11 and not 1,29.


However 2,11 + 3,16 = 5,17 and not 4,04


The totals on the right part are correct in the PDF:

Totaal (Excl btw) = 62,71

Totaal BTW= 4,04


Although if you take the sums of Basisprijs and Totaal BTW on the left part of the pdf they are indeed correct however the individual numbers are not. For accountancy reasons we need to have those right.


This is how it should be calculated:

There is one shampoo at 13 euro for free so this one should not be taken in the calculation of the totals

If we look at the amounts: 

At 6% VAT

2 x Vanille: 81,13 euro - 20,285 (25% discount) = 60,845 euro 6% VAT = 3,65

at 21% VAT

Shampoo 13,00 euro - 13,00 euro (free gift) = 0 euro 21% VAT= 0

Shaker:  2,48 euro - 0,62 euro (25% discount) = 1,86 euro 21% VAT = 0,39



So the left table should look like

BTW detail BTW-Tarief Basisprijs Totaal BTW

producten 6,000% 60,85€ 3,65€

                21,000%   1,86€ 0,39€


The totals are indeed 62,71€ and 4.04€ VAT


I believe prestahop calculates the totals right at the moment the order is placed and stores those totals like that in the database. However the detailed prices and detailed VAT per product is not correct as all the discounts are summed without taken into account if they are a 6% VAT or a 21% VAT discount product.




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