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Presta products back office page


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when I enter to products page in the back office, I get popup with 100 warnings (2 for each product in the page) , also when I try to edit a product


Notice on line 29 in file /home/greenturtle/public_html/override/classes/Product.php
[8] Trying to get property of non-object

Notice on line 38 in file /home/greenturtle/public_html/override/classes/Product.php
[8] Trying to get property of non-object



Line 29: 

        $id_group = $context->customer->id_default_group;

Line 38:

        $ids = Address::getCountryAndState((int)$context->cart->{Configuration::get('PS_TAX_ADDRESS_TYPE')});

I think it started when I added a new user (first user) to the website (added from the back office if that matters)

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